Basic blackjack strategy

When you will be playing the online blackjack for the first time, remember the following article, this is probably what will save you and make you money. Even if it is less known to the general public because it has been less publicized, the basic strategy cannot be ousted from your program. Find out quickly thanks to this article.

blackjack strategy

What is the goal of the basic strategy?

You should know that the basic strategy only relates to the actions that you will have to take, those that we have listed in a dedicated article and that you can find thanks to the link at the bottom of this page. In reality, this strategy will allow you to predict the actions to be carried out according to the deal you receive, that is to say the two cards that are dealt to you as well as the dealer's card that is discovered. Depending on this, you will be totally covered by the basic strategy that will allow you to make decisions, and the right ones this time.

The history of the basic strategy

The basic strategy was only discovered in 1960 when the game had already existed for a long time. We are also surprised that no one has thought about it before. Anyway, we owe it to a man whose name will certainly tell you something, of course we want to talk about Baldwin, a famous mathematician. This man who loved the game, it is a verified truth, said to himself while observing the game that he could bring together all possible situations in a table with two entries with on one side, the player's possible hand and on the other side the dealer's discovered card. And depending on the situation, then he would only have to choose the most appropriate solution, that is, action. This is how the basic strategy was born.

And Thop then?

Ed. Thorp, that name certainly tells you something if you play blackjack, is not the inventor of the basic strategy even if he was the one who propagated it later. This is something we wanted to clarify because we hear this far too often.

The painting to know by heart

Here is the table that you will have to learn and if it is not done in a day, then rest assured, you can print it without any problem and have it with you in land-based casinos, in some anyway, so do not deprive yourself of it if you do not have a choice, the best thing is to have it in your head. You see that in this table, there is no "leave" or "insurance" because we told you, these are two bad choices that are not advised.

Apply this basic strategy and you will significantly decrease the advantage of the casino :

Do you now feel stronger thanks to this basic strategy? It's not over, we're going to make you almost invincible from now on. Are you ready for this?