How to play roulette at the casino: the rules of the game

Also called the Queen of the casino, the roulette provides an unparalleled dose of adrenaline. Indeed, as the wheel turns, your heartbeats accelerate, in the hope that your bet turns out to be right and that you pocket a tidy sum! Don't know how to play roulette at the casino? Follow the guide!

Roulette Rules

How does this play out?

No special knowledge is needed to start playing roulette. A circular dial divided into 37 parts is articulated on a wheel and a ball is thrown by a dealer. Next to it, a mat presenting each square welcomes the bets. When the dealer announces " Make your games ", after the payment of the winnings of the previous round, you are invited to place your bet on the square or squares of the carpet you want. « The games are done " denotes the moment when the dealer throws the ball. It then rotates around the dial, in the opposite direction from the wheel, you can continue betting. Be careful, when you hear " Nothing is wrong anymore ", you will no longer be allowed to bet, as the ball has hit one of the obstacles and the result of the round becomes more certain. The dealer will announce the result once the ball has stabilized, or say " Nothing to the number "if no one wins. Although the rules differ according to the variants, they are very similar and some of them benefit the player or the casino more. If you are playing in an online casino, you will no longer be able to wager once the ball is rolled.

The purpose of the game

As you have understood, the goal of roulette is to bet on the number, the color or the parity on which the ball will stop. Some games can result from a particular strategy based on chance, such as poker, roulette is pure chance. Of course, over the centuries, the tricks of mathematicians have developed by playing on probabilities. We are then talking about martingales. To counteract them, casinos set up minimum and maximum bet limits to limit winnings and avoid distorting the randomness of roulette.

When we talk about the so-called "house" or player advantages, one element is essential: the presence of zero. Historically, the zero box allows the player to have a choice: bets on simple chances can be "stored in prison", then be lost or be shared between the bank and the player. Today, the choice is often at the discretion of the casino. On other versions of roulette, there may be a double or even a triple zero, these boxes clearly disadvantage the player. As simple as it is random, roulette is not the star of casinos for nothing! With its simple rules, this game is exciting, almost hypnotic, and knowing the most lucrative combinations of the carpet will only become a matter of habit. What are you waiting for to try your luck?

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