Live roulette: play roulette in total immersion

There online roulette passionate about amateur and professional players for many years. For even more thrills and immersion, online casinos have recently developed a solution allowing you to play this game at home, while living an experience close to a land-based casino: live roulette!

Live roulette

Guide - Find all the tips and tricks of professionals to discover live roulette

In order not to scatter and make the right choices, it is essential to surround yourself with professional casino players. You will thus avoid a waste of time and especially money. Our free guide references the best current online casinos, and most importantly lists all the casinos that offer access to live roulette. If you follow the iGaming industry a little bit, you will know that Evolution Gaming is the leader in live casino. It is therefore not surprising to observe a partnership between this casino game publisher and most of the online casinos at the top of our ranking.

Rules – What are the special features of live roulette? We reveal to you the course of a game

Everyone has already played roulette at least once. But do you really know the rules of this game in depth? If this is not the case, we advise you to take a look at our section to perfect your playing technique.

In live roulette, the rules of the game are the same as in a classic roulette game. The only difference is that you will be playing against a dealer filmed live. This gives you the opportunity to interact with him, but will lead to a little longer games than usual.

So don't be impatient, and play as you are used to doing on a classic roulette game. The risk, given that you are going to play fewer games per hour, is that you want to bet more each time.

We strongly advise you not to switch to this practice, because you could lose everything in a few minutes.

In addition to this specificity, the course of a live roulette game is identical to classic roulette. The player makes his bets, then the dealer throws the ball into the cylinder and finally announces the results.

Advantages - Take advantage of the serious advantages of live roulette canada to win while having fun

Online casinos regularly reveal information about the most played casino games, and live roulette regularly comes in the highest positions.

Where does this craze come from? Players appreciate being able to live, from their computer or smartphone, a gaming experience close to what they could find in a land-based casino.

Evolution Gaming Live roulette is particularly successful, both in terms of its fluidity and the options offered. It allows you to communicate with the dealer, as you could do in a real casino! This will make your gaming sessions much less monotonous and more user-friendly.

Finally, many players admit to being reassured by the fact that they can observe a ball thrown into a real cylinder and a real dealer.

Disadvantages – Some flaws to know before embarking on the live dealer roulette adventure

The major disadvantage of live roulette lies mainly in the course of the game. As we have seen, playing like in a real casino slows down the game. Thus, you will play a few fewer games per hour compared to classic roulette, which can be handicapping if you have little time.

Also, you will need to make sure that you have equipment that holds up and a stable internet connection. Live roulette is not waiting! In the event of an internet outage or an underperforming computer, you could abandon the game and lose all your bets.

Finally, be careful not to be confused by the dealer or the other players. Stay true to your basic plan and strategy without deviating from it.

Reviews - The feedback from amateur and professional players on live casino roulette is unanimous

Both amateurs and professionals of roulette agree on one point: live roulette is a great game mode.

Of course, you need a minimum of technical knowledge, whether in terms of the rules, the course of the game or even the strategies to be adopted. Because live roulette is playable only for real money. So you will not be able to train in free mode like on classic roulette.

For low budgets or beginners, one option is to practice as much as possible on the free mode of classic roulette, before switching to live roulette once you are up to speed.

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