How to play blackjack: the essential rules for winning

This is the first step to treat yourself. When you start your adventure at the online blackjack , you should definitely look into the rules of the game, you will not be able to do without. In this article, our blackjack specialist gives you a free lesson, so take advantage of it!

Blackjack rules

If you are a fan of online casino games, playing blackjack online should be fun for you

Blackjack is a card game with a long history! If we compare all the online games of the best casinos, this money game turns out to be really exciting for every player. The likelihood of stimulating your bankroll or to increase your chips is considerable. Moreover, gambling games such as baccarat, video poker, slot machines, American roulette, craps, or sic bo, bingo and keno, are sometimes less profitable than blackjack casino. Did you know, for example, that blackjack is often compared to baccarat? Nevertheless, this online casino game is far too risky for blackjack lovers who prefer to use their strategies.

Unless you prefer to go back to playing online roulette or poker tournaments, such as Texas Hold Em, we suggest you follow our tips to win the blackjack jackpot! Thanks to all our advice, you will become a true champion of the black jack game that is still called the "Twenty One" in the United States. According to a counting technique and by the best martingale, it is possible to win at blackjack!

Don't lose sight of your goal to play blackjack online! Discover our tips to win

When you play blackjack, no matter how many players are at your table, whether in real or virtual mode, you must tell yourself that it does not matter either, since your only and only opponent is indeed the casino that is also called "the bank". Indeed, your objective during the round of blackjack that you are going to play is to get a hand that is higher than that of the dealer (at the beginning of the game), the ultimate representative of the online casino, but that this hand does not exceed the score of 21 points. Beyond this score, you would be eliminated.

As you can see, the blackjack rules are simple, thanks to your two dealt cards and your bet, you will be required to play several positions. In the end, the best blackjack strategy, or rather the right solution, is to use an Ace, or what is called "a log", which is a card worth 10 points. To learn more about online blackjack and benefit from our blackjack tip, just keep reading our article on this fabulous card game!

A natural blackjack? Discover this most important notion to play blackjack online

If luck is with you, then you may be the holder of a natural blackjack, you will sometimes hear the term "natural" near the blackjack tables. Indeed, you know that you receive two cards dealt by the dealer. If the sum of these first two cards is 21 points, then we say that you are playing a natural blackjack and that you will have a great chance of winning the round, unless of course, the dealer also gets a pair of cards whose total would be: 21 points. But in statistics, you have a very good chance of winning.

You have to value the cards to play blackjack online and win a nice jackpot

When you play blackjack online, you should know that you absolutely need to know the value of the cards, which will not be the same as in other classic games, for example, where the cards retain their face value, that is, the value of the number written on the card. To better understand what we want to explain, observe the following table which shows the value of the cards :

Card Value in blackjack
2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 - nominal value
Valet / Lady / King - 10 points
ACE - 1 or 11 points (the choice is yours)

It's quite simple but if you don't know this rule, you may be surprised when you play for the first time. So please remember this valuation.

Here is the progress of a fast-track game to play blackjack online and become a champion

Playing blackjack is very enjoyable, you will discover it for yourself. In order not to make you look like a perfect beginner, although in front of your screen, it will not be very serious, we have taken care to reveal to you the course of a game :

You place your bet.

place your bet

You receive two cards, the dealer also (one of them will be covered unlike yours which are both uncovered).

you and the dealer receive 2 cards

If natural blackjack on your part, the dealer reveals his card and compares his hand. The game ends there.

natural blackjack

Otherwise, you take the actions according to your game.

perform the actions

Once you are satisfied with your hand, then the hands are compared and the strongest wins.

the strongest hand wins

Now that you know how a game of blackjack goes, you too will be able to get started.

To go further, here's why you should play blackjack online on a gambling site

As you may have noticed, the action of drawing a card will significantly impact a game! During each round, it is exciting to want to break the bank, and therefore the online casino. In any case, before you start, know that the online casino will redistribute the bet twice to the winner, against two and a half times the bet for the player who will make a blackjack.

To be sure of winning money, you will be able to learn free blackjack at most online gambling establishments. However, to go further, we advise you to play from the VIP Club which entitles you to many interesting bonuses that will multiply your balance! But don't worry, each player will have their own welcome offer or even a no deposit bonus that online gambling sites make available.

Also, why would you have to play in a land-based casino? A free blackjack game without downloading can be found in most sites online free casino in Canada, such as for example, Tropezia Palace, Spin Palace, Lucky Nuggets, Mister Vegas, or others. In any case, an online casino will inevitably give you more advantages than a land-based casino!

Moreover, to bounce back on the qualities of an online casino, know that you will be able to play in real time against a physically visible dealer. Come again? By playing in a live casino that has the "live dealer" option for blackjack. No more flash blackjack, playing in a live casino offers you the physical character that you probably lacked!

Finally, how will you choose the best blackjack casino? By observing our reviews of course! Each no-download casino is analyzed and we provide you with all its options, such as payment methods, the best casino bonuses, but also, its customer service. All the gambling sites that we have selected, use the best publishers to offer you online blackjack in the best conditions.

We no longer make the reputation of the developers of Playtech, Microgaming, NextGen, Betsoft or Yggdrasil who offer very successful blackjack games, but who do not only offer this card game on their game library! Indeed, by flash technology, you will benefit from the best slots, ie exceptional no-download slot machines ( Gonzo Quest's TM, Enchanted Mermaid TM, Aztec Princess TM, and Ghost Pirates TM to name a few). Of course, roulette games, dice games and other card games such as Stud Poker are in their game library!

We wish you a good game and good luck in your blackjack games!

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