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Welcome to , before embarking on the discovery of our pages, we thank you for reading the following information. This document informs you about your rights and how we process your personal information online.


Readers of this article by will be referred to by :

Term "personal data" refers to: the information or identity of "the user" .

The term "public space" refers to the entire website .

Term « we » , « our » and « no » refer to .

By reading the following, you accept the general conditions and choose to do so, through the use of the services offered by as well as our entire site.

2. Information we collect through our services

We collect essential information from users using the site . Thus :

2.1 We use users' information to improve their experience and improve our services on . We track movements on the site to build a profile consistent with the user's interest.

2.2 Users are obliged to provide us with personal data (e-mail address, full name, age, postal address, telephone number). This information remains at the discretion of the user. Users must also be 18 years of age or older to use .

2.3 The data is automatically collected by thanks to the user's IP address. Cookies provide access to information about the sites visited before, at the time and following the users' visit to . This gives access to at the times and dates of visit to our site.

2.4 Authorized features collect information provided by users with full awareness of the cause. will extract related personal information according to its needs. Using , all users give us the right to keep these details for future use in order to improve our services. We are obliged to pass them on to third parties for legal reasons.

3. Use of the information collected collects various information. Here are the uses we make of it :

3.1 Operational services : to help enable, maintain or improve the services of .

3.2 Service improvements : to help us understand users' tastes for new products, a better quality experience, new features and updates.

3.3 User contact : communicate with the user. (a) in order to report misuse of rights or acts contrary to this policy. (b) Inform users of offers and promotions from . You can unsubscribe from this feature (more information in "Your Rights" - section 5).

3.4 Google Analytics : we use Google Analytics in order to analyze the flows on . We are not a partner of Google, it is an entity independent of our services. However, Google can access our analytics to see the "user" flows of our site.

4. Disclosure of information

We may disclose your information in the following cases :

4.1 Public information : They are left by users with full awareness on the public area of (comments accessible to all).

4.2 Third Parties : We collaborate with third parties who have limited access to users' personal data. They are obliged to preserve the confidentiality of this information in order to guarantee the confidentiality of users' data.

4.3 Non-identifiable information : Any information collected is transmitted to third parties for the following purposes: (a) statistics. (b) marketing. (c) evaluation of the relevance of the device, content and functions of .

4.4 Legal procedures and compliance : Only a judicial remedy can impose on to disclose personal information. We will cooperate with the forces of justice in the field of legal rights. This covers the following points: (a) Liability precaution. (b) Protection against fraudulent, illegal and abusive activities. (c) Defense following claims and/or allegations by third parties. (d) Security and access to our service. (e) Protection of our property, legal rights, compliance with our contracts, protection of our rights for our safety and those of others.

4.5 Change of ownership : If our services undergo an acquisition or a merger of activities, the personal data will be accessible by the purchaser(s). They must commit to a new privacy policy that respects your rights. The acquisition may come from insolvency, the sale of assets or a possible bankruptcy.

5. Your rights

5.1 You can request to consult, modify or delete them. The request is made via the "Contact us" page.

If you refuse access to to certain personal information, we cannot provide you with access to the entire content of .

You can object to the processing of your personal data, unless it depends on the law. You can contact us if you think that we have not respected your legal rights. Check with a suitable authority to find out more about your case.

5.2 Analytical information : you can deactivate the collection of stored information carried out by Google Analytics through this link :

5.3 Suspension of commercial communication : you can unsubscribe from the commercial information campaign by email by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link inserted in the emails themselves or by contacting us. The unsubscribe process can take up to 10 working days, so you may continue to receive emails during this period.

6. Third-party services works in collaboration with third parties. We are not responsible for the information you provide to third parties. Although we act as intermediaries in the transfer of data, we cannot be held responsible for their actions. It is advisable to find out about the practices of third parties before giving them the requested information.

7. Privacy protection is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU. If there is a conflict of interest regarding the GDPR will act as an authority.

8. Third-party cookies

Cookie functions used on :

9. Policy regarding underage users

The use of is not allowed to persons under the age of 18 in accordance with the law. We ask any minor to cease the use of . Thus, we do not collect data from minors, except with the consent of a legal guardian or as part of legal proceedings.

If you are responsible for a minor using our services, please report the illegal activity to us via the "Contact Us" tab.

We reserve the right to delete a minor's user account as well as any content that he may have submitted. However, the complete deletion of the information is not guaranteed.

10. Data encryption

We comply with the data protection obligations to which we have adhered. We follow administrative and technical obligations regarding physical data backups. uses SSL technology to encrypt the collected data to avoid any disclosure or damage to the latter.

Despite these measures, we cannot ensure complete security. Any information transmitted to us is at the user's own risk. If we detect a breach of your data, we will contact you directly, as well as the relevant authorities who can handle the dispute in accordance with applicable law.

If you believe that a breach of your data has been committed without our knowledge, please notify us via the "Contact Us" tab.

11. Retention of data

We keep the data for a limited period of time (as long as we need it). This data backup allows us to improve our services or for legal reasons in order to verify that the obligations mentioned in this Privacy Policy have been respected.

12. Privacy settings

1. You can change the privacy settings.

2. You should be aware that no security measures are impenetrable. We cannot be held responsible for any violation of our site and our services.

13. Data transfer

The collected data may be provided to third parties located in the European Union. However, they may not have the same security measures as ours. We are not responsible for the use of this data by third parties. We transfer the data, as indicated above, with the best possible security measures, but we cannot guarantee complete security.

14. Data controller and data processor is responsible for the data, according to the EU GDPR, pursuant to Regulation 2016/679. This means that personal data will be controlled to determine their use.

Except for exceptions, has no influence on how third parties use and store this information. It may be that collaborates with subcontractors who use this data on behalf of in connection with the services that our site offers.

15. Changes and updates to this policy

This policy may be revised and updated depending on the jurisdiction or in the event of changes in our practices. Please check this page to be aware of the latest changes to our privacy policy and your rights. The use of our services by you, the User, means that you have, in fact, read this policy, understood and accepted everything indicated in the current version.

16. How to contact us

If you would like to know more about our privacy policy, please contact us on the " Contact Us ».

Last updated on: May 25, 2018