Slot Machine: 100 slot machine games and guide to playing online

Who today on this Earth does not know about slot machines? So if you are a lover of casino games , we have no doubt for a second that you have already tried one, whether it is a virtual slot or a real one in a land-based casino. In order to make you an expert in slot machines, we present you all the specified ones to remember.

Slot Machine Rules
More and more casino enthusiasts are being tempted by the one-armed bandit, and certainly you are one of them... That's why we wanted to share with you here all the little secrets of these games that guarantee endless thrills, and who knows, maybe disproportionate winnings. ...
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Slot Machine Strategies
For many, slot machines are limited only to luck and chance. However, there are certain techniques that can significantly make you a better player and thus significantly increase your chances of winning. Find out about them on our article. ...
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Free Slot Machines
Quite classic in land-based casinos, slot machines have developed online and now offer various themes as well as advanced mechanics. To learn to master this universe without breaking the bank, the free slot machine is the ideal solution for players. ...
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Slot Machines

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The history of the classic slot machine

Discover our little history of the slot machine. The one that we also called "one-armed bandit" has continued to evolve over the years to adapt to the expectations of increasingly demanding players.

There classic slot machine was invented by Sittman and Pitt in the USA in 1891, the new poker machine turned out to be ineffective.

However, Charles Fey , a great mechanical enthusiast thought of improving this game to create an automatic roulette in 1894. Thanks to the successes of this product, the American can begin to imagine other gaming machines such as the slot machine. The purpose of the mechanism is very simple: the player had to match five symbols through three reels. These first machines offered a thousand possible combinations and had an automatic payment system.

Because of a real success, the competition is organized, but must face the prohibition of gambling in the United States . To cope with this, the mechanism is not abandoned and gives way to candy machines. On the same game model and with more appropriate symbols (fruits), players could win drinks and prizes if they got the right combination.

In 1963, the Bally company launched to the general public the first electromechanical slot machines . This « penguin bandits " are the first representatives of the modern slot machine.

Companies have varied the game themes and the ways to win by offering, for example, versions with more lines, more combinations and different payment methods (such as machines that multiply winnings according to the number of spins). Electronic slot machines have notably allowed the inclusion of the redistribution rate which varies according to the casinos and the devices.

Today, computers have replaced electronics and this implies even more comfortable services for players. For example, you can insert a ticket, pay with game cards or even use a touch screen to play.

And best of all, since the advent of the internet, slot machines have been available on the web and are real stars online casinos . It even exists a lot of applications on mobile which will allow you to get all kinds of possible combinations.

Legalized since the 1990s, slot machines represent more than 80% of Canadian casino profits , but are also responsible for about 80% of cases of addiction to games. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to play responsibly.

How do we choose the best casinos to play slots?

To offer you the best casinos to play slot machines we spend long hours browsing online casinos around the world. We want to tell you only about the games and casinos that are really worth it and for that, our team of experts meets regularly to analyze different games, sites, publishers, to be able to offer you the best.

We have a list of well-defined criteria which allow us to determine whether an online gambling establishment is attractive enough for users who want to have fun on slot machines. Here are the main criteria that we take into account on this site :

  • The casino must offer a sufficient quantity slots but, alone, the quantity is also not satisfactory since we also expect the qualitý in the choice of games. It is important that there is something for all the desires of the players.
  • They game publishers must be in sufficient numbers on the casino and be recognized in the gaming world for their talent to create games on a regular basis and with worked graphics (NetEnt, Betsoft, Yggdrasil, etc).
  • The site must promote a responsible gaming and not to encourage players to believe that they will "make a fortune" on the sites but rather to encourage a healthy game, for entertainment.
  • Users must be able to test the slots in demo mode to get an idea of the game before deciding if they want to bet their money on it.
  • Users must be able to make their payments securely securitý if they want to play with real money on the slots. It is therefore important that the casino is licensed and that it implements effective security systems such as SSL data encryption.
  • The site must offer slots of all kinds : in classic format, video, 3 D and even progressive jackpot games so that users are satisfied.

How does a slot machine work? What are the associated rules and tricks?

If you are reading this article it is certainly because you want to learn more about the overall operation of these slot machines available online . The operation of the latter is relatively simple and does not require special skills in strategy or knowledge of the games as a whole. Check out the latter right now, as well as our rules and tips for playing online.

The operation of online slot machines

As described above, slot machines do not require special knowledge of casino strategy or mastery of card games. The latter are based on a very simple operation :

  • 1) The first action to be performed in this context, will be for you to activate the slot machine activation button correspond. This activation button will launch the slot machine directly, allowing the game to start.
  • 2) For most slot machines, the course of the game will take place in the same way. They reels belonging to the slot machine will scroll vertically letting various symbols appear (numbers, fruits, pieces, etc.).
  • 3) Once the reels have completed the corresponding spins, from many symbols will then be displayed within the screen machine. The goal will be to collect as many similar symbols as possible.

As you can see, the operation of these games turns out to be relatively simple and does not require extraordinary skills. You are completely guided by the game and will not have to rely on other parameters.

The rules of the game

Some of you will be wondering : how to play slot machines ? This article is not useful for connoisseurs because of course, if you have already used a slot machine , then you just have to make the rules that we are going to describe to you but imagine that you are not alone and that there are still novices, "virgin slots" as they are called in some Nevada casinos.

Rest assured, if you are one of them, it will only take you a few minutes to finish this article and then, to you slot machines of all types.

In addition to the rules that are generally common to each slot machine available on online casino sites, you will have to understand the betting systems, the operation of the paylines, the meaning of the different symbols and many other aspects.

Knowing these different basic information will allow you to choose your slot machine and take full advantage of it. Thanks to these different information, you can be sure to have a lot of fun!

Tips for playing

It will be difficult for us to talk about " policy "when we play the slot machines. It is a game that is really based on the luck of the one who uses it and therefore, this is where the notion of strategy disappears.

However, a slot machine has different technical specificities that it is good to master for winning at slot machines .

You have no power over the machine itself and the results. Anyway, these are not strategies that we are going to reveal to you in this article but rather tips and tricks so that your games go well.

We know it: among this generous offer of various and varied games, we can sometimes have some difficulties to embark on the adventure and specifically manage to select the slot machine that suits us.

For this, we have prepared tips for each of you that will allow you to choose the slot machine that makes you dream. And if you ever want to compare your performance with other players, know that many casinos offer slot tournaments. To test!

You can also start playing on free slot machines in order to check that this game corresponds to the idea that you had of it.

How to know the payout rate of a slot machine?

A question often comes up among the most frequently asked questions on the web: " how to find out the payout rate of a slot machine? ». However, it is worth recalling at first the meaning of this rate.

The latter, has the purpose of quantify your chances of winning a game on a game . The higher it is, the higher your chances of winning will be. It is therefore appropriate to identify the steps to choose a slot machine with a good payout rate as well as the attached benefits.

How to choose a slot machine with a good payout rate?

A high redistribution rate is a guarantee of direct benefits , it is necessary to clearly identify the characteristics that make it possible to quickly find out the monetary value of a slot machine. In order to avoid any untimely and tedious reading, here are three tips allowing you to flush out the latter :

  • Slot machine reviews : numerous reviews and reviews of new slot machines allow you to find out the payout rate of the latter. These being analyzed by experts, they will allow you to have the real percentage of redistribution of the machine concerned.
  • A quick calculation : generally, the slot machines offered online display the amounts in Canadian dollars that players have deposited. Also, they demonstrate the monetary sums donated to the players. Let's take a quick example :
    1. C$3000 = the amount deposited by the players.
    2. C$2800 = the amount won by the players.
    3. The redistribution rate = 2800/3000=0.93; that is 93%, so the redistribution rate is 93%. The rate generally offered by online casinos is around 98%, when that of physical casinos is only 93%.
  • The opinions of the players : the game forums and rating of previous players are real sources of information. Indeed, the latter having been able to test many slot machines as a priority, they are particularly familiar with the latter.

What are the advantages of a machine with a good redistribution rate?

  • A good payout ratio logically means more chances to win the game. However, the latter is also associated with many other advantages and positive points.
  • A good redistribution rate directly indicates reliability direct from the casino concerned. Moreover, this situation will allow you to be confident for the rest of the money games offered within the same platform. A generous online casino usually does not tend to change its habits overnight.
  • A good payout rate is usually associated with a progressive jackpot . Within all paid version slot machines, there is a progressive jackpot game. The higher a slot machine has a payout ratio, the more players will go to the latter. If a slot machine has many deposits, then its progressive jackpot increases, leaving a chance for all players to win an ever larger jackpot.

How to choose a slot machine on the Canadian web?

Choosing an online slot machine can be difficult for many novice players, for example. This search can be characterized as a real ordeal, given the amount of machines offered online. Rest assured, that's why we're here! In this section, we will show you some parameters to take into account when choosing your online slot machine :

  • The redistribution rate (again!) : The main criterion to be taken into account turns out to be the redistribution rate of the machine concerned. Apply our previously revealed tips to appreciate a better return rate.
  • Progressive jackpots : if a slot machine does not have progressive jackpots, go your way! The goal here is to benefit from the best slots offering the biggest jackpots for the majority of online casino players. The higher the jackpots, the more interesting it will be for you to get there.
  • The themes of slot machines : whether you are a fanatic of movies or series of any kind is a good point. You will only have to search for a slot machine corresponding to your favorite entertainment. If you are looking for pleasant slots with excellent graphics, "Skulls Up" is a slot machine with a "pirate" atmosphere.

Progressive or classic slots, discover the types of online slots

Precisely, our second article will focus precisely on the types of slots that are available in a virtual casino , because we remind you that these are our specialty. Depending on your gaming tastes, you will naturally move towards this or that style of slot machine.

But don't be afraid, there is something for everyone, regardless of your age, your passion, etc. Generally, the first time a player connects to an online casino, he tends to think he is in the Disneyland of the slot, when he is only used to land-based casinos, and thinks "I have never seen so many slot machines in my life" .

On online casino sites, you will be able to enjoy different variants of slot machines.

We can tell you for sure, there will be something for everyone! Among the global offer of the one-armed bandit, you will be able to take advantage of the traditional, video, 3D slot machines, but also slot machines offering a progressive jackpot .

We can tell you that we never went back to a land-based casino afterwards, at least not to play slots!

Slot machines in classic format

The most classic slot machines returns in dematerialized format . Nothing changes within this version offered on the web. You probably remember the single payline associated with "lemon", "cherry", or "jackpot" symbols, combine them in combinations of three to get winnings. The jackpots logos will also allow you to ensure victory in this frame, line them up!

The video slot machines

For one video slot machine it turns out to be different from the slot machines offered in classic format thanks in particular to its integrated screen. Video slots usually offer you the option of using an integrated touch screen. This machines are therefore a version 2.0 traditional "one-armed bandits" presented in casinos.

3D slot machines

Before a concrete explanation of this machine, a slight reminder is necessary. The "2D" or "two-dimensional", constitutes for movies or video games, a display model approaching the drawing or printing. The "3D" models differ from their old counterparts for their ability to offer a game display more similar to a photo. Their 3D creation giving an impression of real vision to the players. This is how 3D slot machines are defined, the latter endowing players with a real appreciation of game graphics.

Progressive slot machines

When you are playing a real money slot machine with a jackpot , this is called progressive slots. The latter make it possible to accumulate a financial jackpot allowed by a game of all players. These progressive jackpots, as they are called, are randomly awarded to a single casino player. It is therefore appropriate to have a huge chance in this context. Rest assured, however, free spins bonuses can be offered to maximize your chances of winning within these machines.

Free online slot machines

Beginner players or just looking for entertainment, welcome to our section dedicated to free online slots . A large section where we will present you all the slot machine games available for free, to have fun on the web. The goal is not only to offer you paid entertainment, but to vary your pleasures by offering you games in demo mode. Discover them here.

The list of the best fake money slots

It is in this context that we will offer you a slight boost regarding your search for play money slot machine games . The goal is to provide you with an interesting game library adapted to all your tastes related to online games. Here is our list of the best slot machines revealed below :

  • Break da Bank : have you always dreamed of robbing the biggest Canadian bank of our time? You will have the opportunity to do it directly within "Break da bank"! A slot signed Microgaming.
  • Aloha! Country Cluster : go to the universe of totems and other tropical curiosities in this slot offered online.
  • Wizard of gems : do wizards and mages hardly scare you? Compete against them in this online game and win your fictitious winnings.
  • Jokerizer : the famous opponent of Batman returns in a version of slot machine playable in demo mode. Make no mistake, the joker is as powerful in this game as in reality!

These slots offered online are characterized as the best, according to our experts in the field. However, you will have the opportunity to discover new slot machines accessible for free in the spaces dedicated to their practice.

Why play on a play money slot machine?

Many players declare that they do not want to practice a game within these online games. However, it is worth affixing some weighty arguments that can change the entrenched opinion of these experienced players. This is how we hope to change your opinion based on play money slots :

  • An entertaining game : by playing these free online slot games, you have the opportunity to have fun, without spending colossal sums. A significant advantage, in this context only.
  • Play without limits : no time limits, no financial limits, no legal limits, you have the opportunity to play as much as you want without ever encountering any associated limits.
  • A game without downloading : what could be better than free and no-download slot machines ? Indeed, as part of the new slots without downloading, you do not need any prior installation, a huge time saver for practitioners.

Our favorite editors for playing a casino slot machine

Finally, because you ask us all the time by email, we will reveal our top 3 slot machine publishers . If you share our opinion, then you can easily find online casinos for Canadian players that offer these softwares.

Finally, the global offer of slot machines will make it possible to satisfy all our desires at any time of the day and night.

In the world of the casino slot machine, you can be sure that you will not get bored. With the free-spins or free spins bonuses that online casino sites will offer you, the various bonuses, organized tournaments and all other types of events, you will be sure to have a pleasant time every time without feeling bored.

What are the best online slot game publishers?

In order to benefit from a legal slot machine in Canada , it usually turns out to be important to dwell on a complete observation of online game publishers. This observation must be concise and bring a direct added value for you, an online player. Discover the best publishers on the market , here :

  • Quickspin : 9 letters with pronounced orange colors, this is the personal signature that this well-known online game publisher grants itself. Number of slots with progressive jackpots are proposed by the latter.
  • Microgaming : one of the pioneers of online casino game publishing. This Anglo-Saxon is responsible for many developments of themed online slot machines for example.
  • Netent : one of the biggest players in the online casino in the context of slot machines as well. The latter, having made his mark in the industry for many years now, he benefits from the support of a strong development team.
  • Betsoft : If you like to play within the slot machines provided in 3D version, you will surely fall back on this game publisher . This one having a strong tendency to develop large slot machines drawn in the colors of movies or series of the moment.

We also like Yggdrasil, Play'n Go, Evolution Gaming and Booming Games.

When you register to play slots, do not forget to check the presence of all these publishers. This should allow you to benefit from a much more complete and diverse game.

The list of the most famous slot machines in the casino world

  • Book of RaTM : go on an adventure in this slot totally dedicated to ancient Egypt.
  • Treasures of EgyptTM : a similar version related to “Book of Ra”, allowing you to discover the best treasures of Egypt.
  • The Spin LabTM : let your scientific know-how speak for itself in this slot machine that looks like a physicist's laboratory.
  • Gems and the cityTM : collect as many gems as possible to win the game!
  • Money magic slotTM : money and magic are recurring themes often associated in many shows. You will have the opportunity to discover these themes within this slot machine.

These machines may not be characterized as the best slot machines offered in Canada, however, they turn out to be the best known. You will inevitably have the opportunity to play these at the best online casinos offering their services in Canada.

The FAQ of the online slot machine

In this FAQ, our casino experts answer the questions frequently asked by players about online slots. After reading this FAQ, the world of slots will no longer have any secrets for you.

✅ How to play a slot machine?

First choose your favorite slot. After a short loading time, the skin of the machine has been revealed to you. Then select the value of a token according to the amount you want to bet. Finally click on the "play" or "play" button to start the game manually. Most slot machines include an "auto-play" feature that allows you to start games automatically. Just choose the number of games, your bet and let luck do the work!

✅ Where to play slot machines?

There are two options available to you to play a slot machine. The first is to move to land-based casinos that are usually populated with multiple slot machines. Order chips at the casino reception and sit in front of a slot machine.

The second, and the one we recommend, is to play at an online casino. For a few years now, online casinos have been favored by slot machine fans because they offer an impressive diversity of choices. You will find slot machines with various themes and innovative features. Thanks to the online casino, access to entertainment is also immediate and allows you to benefit from many bonuses.

✅ Does playing slots require downloading software?

In most cases, you will not need to download any software to play slots. The majority of online casinos make their slots accessible directly from their website. It happens that in some cases platforms called download casinos require you to download their software to play. We nevertheless advise you to prefer no-download casinos to have immediate access to the fun.

✅ How do online slot machines work?

Today, slot machines are controlled by computers. The latter use a random number generator to ensure that players have the same probability of winning the jackpot in each draw. Each slot machine has its own player payout ratio (TRJ). The payout rate refers to the percentage of the payout of the slot machine to the player. For example, with a TRJ of 95%, a slot machine distributes an average of 95 dollars to players to keep 5.

✅ What are the different features of a slot machine?

A slot machine is made up of different elements that you need to know :

  • Roll : welcome different symbols and spin once you start the game. You need to line up the right symbols on these reels.
  • wild : the wild is a special symbol that acts as a joker by transforming into a symbol that can produce a winning combination or stronger.
  • scatter : this symbol is usually related to bonus features. Try to get 3 or more to unlock paid modes.
  • Multiplier : allows you to multiply your winnings. It is highly appreciated by players because a big multiplier can quickly increase the rewards.
  • The Free spins : allow you to start a game without committing a real money bet. Free spins are distributed by casinos in bonuses or other promotional offers.

✅ What types of machines can I find online?

You will be able to find different types of slot machines during your adventures at an online casino :

  • Traditional slot machines : these are the classic slots that you will find in large numbers on online casinos. They are generally not very advanced in terms of graphics. You can find traditional slots between 3 and 5 reels.
  • The 3D slot machines : online casinos have a huge advantage over physical casinos: 3D slot machines. The latter are developed by the largest game publishers with the aim of offering maximum entertainment to players. You will be able to enjoy various themes, successful video animations but also mini-games. 3D slots are recommended to break the monotony of classic slot machines.
  • Progressive jackpot slot machines : the one-armed bandits with progressive jackpot work like a classic slot machine but offer multi-million dollar jackpots.

✅ What is a slot machine with progressive jackpot?

Progressive jackpot slots are an innovation of online casinos that allow players to try their luck to pocket big jackpots. This big jackpot on a slot machine exists because the different players of all the online casinos in the world feed the prize pool by playing it. It is therefore normal to see the bubble grow, grow, until it explodes and delivers multi-million dollar jackpots.

✅ How to play for free on a slot machine?

There are several reasons for choosing to play for real money on a slot machine. The main motivation is to be able to tame a slot without losing real money. It is also a great opportunity to have fun without thinking about the impact it will have on your wallet. If you decide to play on one of these slot machines, there are several options available to you :

  • Go to an online casino that has a game library accessible in demo mode. In this mode, the casino offers you virtual chips so that you can get a precise idea of the quality of its gaming offer.
  • Go to our free casino games page where you will find the greatest classics of casino games.

✅ Is there a difference between play money and real money slots?

The operation of the fictional money slots and real money slots is identical. This is also why it is advisable to get started with the demo mode before switching to real mode. The only difference is that a free slot machine will not allow you to win real winnings. To play, you will get a fictitious balance that you can grow, without having the opportunity to cash out winnings on your bank account.

✅ How can I win at slot machines?

There is no miracle technique for winning at slot machines. Nevertheless, there are some tips that can help you hit the jackpot :

  • Stick to your budget and play with suitable bets. If you bet too large sums, you can lose everything quickly.
  • Understand the operation of the slot machine at your fingertips. If you want to avoid that a slot does not feather you, it is better to understand how to tame it.
  • After a big win, think about withdrawing money to take advantage of your lucky day.

✅ Are the slot machines compatible on mobile and tablet?

With the ubiquity of mobile use on the web, online casinos have had to adapt and offer a mobile offer to their players. That is why the majority of online platforms are now completely responsive and allow you to play on your phone or tablet. You will therefore be able to fully enjoy the slot machines on these supports, with a dose of touch in addition.

Positive reviews from Canadian players: 100% out of 246 votes.

If you adopt slot machines, you will spend unforgettable moments in your casino, we put our hand to it. However, don't get stuck on this game, there are so many others to discover :