Online Casino legal Canada: understand everything about the legislation

So make way for our point Quebec legislation on online gambling sites! You will learn a lot of things so that you can continue to play responsibly and safely! We present to you the different rules that all good online casino sites must comply.

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online casino in Quebec

Gambling is an entertainment available at every moment of the day and night. It is true that wagering money on our favorite slot machine is a very pleasant experience. However, since this activity requires the use of one's wallet, drifts can unfortunately occur. To compensate for this, online casino sites are therefore obliged to provide you with appropriate solutions, if you feel that you are losing control. Indeed, it is their duty to protect you and ensure that the practice of online gambling remains a full-fledged pleasure and does not become a real obsession without any control.

The Quebec online gambling market has become extremely competitive in a very short time! The former flexibility of the Quebec authorities towards this industry has therefore not fizzled out, after noticing that the market was flooded with foreign operators who pushed players to bankruptcy. It was therefore necessary to act quickly, and it was Loto-Québec that took care of this important task. This icon of online gambling in Quebec has therefore put in place a decree that has become the basis of Quebec legislation with regard to online casinos!

In addition to guaranteeing the protection of players against the risks associated with addiction, the legislation also provides a bulwark against possible scams from unscrupulous casinos.

Indeed, not all sites are alike in terms of customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, we always hear on the forums stories of players who have not received their winnings. And it's a real shame. To avoid this type of inconvenience, there is, for example, a certification that allows you to recognize quality online casino sites at a glance. These are the quality labels. These are independent organizations that carry out various quality tests for you on the online casino site. They can then confirm whether the site is reliable or not. To find out if the site of your choice is secure, we will explain how to recognize these certification bodies.

You will actually see that on the web, you will be able to find different online casino sites. Although in appearance they may seem similar in some aspects, sometimes they can be very different. Indeed, we do not improvise overnight the opening of an online casino site. To reach the end of its project, the online casino site will have to obtain a gaming license. Distributed by different countries around the world, these licenses ensure quality and security on the part of the site.



You should know that the Canadian government leaves it to its provinces to legislate on online gambling! Our beautiful province of Quebec did not waste a minute to get to work in order to control the Internet gambling sector. Quebec has followed the movement of online casino regulations that began in Europe in 2010. The goal is to offer players a secure entertainment and in the same way to help them benefit from a financial endowment on this growing industry.

The online casino market opened exactly on January 26, 2010, following an initiative by Loto-Québec called " ". It is thanks to this decree that you can now play blackjack, slot machines and all the essentials of online casinos legally and securely. However, if you play at online casinos that are not part of the Loto-Québec site or that do not have the eCOGRA quality label, be aware that they are illegal in Quebec, just like foreign casino sites. Now you can ask yourself what are your options as Quebec players? You can either register on the Loto-Québec website or try your luck at a foreign casino. You just need to make sure that it has a certification issued by the eCOGRA control body. This label means that the site has been properly verified by the competent authorities and that all your personal data will be secure and that you will be sure that the online casino will pay you your winnings. It is better to play with full knowledge of the facts!


✅ Is it legal to play online casino in Canada?

The casino must first have a license. This license must be available on the casino's website. It all depends on the province in which you live. Consult the legislation in Canada.

✅ What is the best online casino 2019 in Canada?

The best online casinos of the moment are :

✅ How to withdraw your winnings on a legal casino?

The payment solutions offered by the casinos are varied: visa or mastercard, Neteller, Skril, Ecopays, etc. Not all of these methods are available to withdraw your winnings. To discover the payment methods according to the casinos, click here .

✅ Are your winnings at the casino taxed?

In Canada, winnings from a casino are subject to tax. For more information on the taxation of your earnings, click here .

✅ Can we choose a currency other than the Canadian Dollar?

With most casinos, you can choose the currency you want to use at the time of creating your account. Click here for more information .

✅ Who governs the gambling market in Canada?

Each province in Canada is governed by a commission. The license to offer gambling in Quebec is issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Click here for more details .

✅ How to play responsibly?

To play responsibly, here are some tips :

  • Set limits for yourself: time spent, money spent
  • Respect your limits: it is sometimes difficult to stop once you have started playing...
  • Ask for help: associations specializing in addiction are there for you.
Click here for more information and play responsibly .