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You are absolutely new to a online casino Canada and you want to get started, but don't really know where to start? Do you need to refresh your memory on some practices? In both cases, our guide is for you! There is no stupid question, and we have tried to compile as much information as possible.

Payment Methods
Want to make the most of slot machine games, blackjack, baccarat, bingo, keno, video poker and many more? We take a look at the fastest no-cost solutions to help you deposit and withdraw your money! Between security, speed and reduced fees, you are bound to find the ideal payment method. ...
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Live Casino
What do you like best about casino games is the interaction with the dealer? Playing online might then seem a little monotonous to you, but in reality, it is not so! Thanks to the live dealer game mode, you have the opportunity to swap automatic table games for the smile of gaming professionals. ...
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Return to Players
The notion of RTP doesn't tell you much? However, this is a term that every good casino player must master. The RTP, for Return To Player (retour au joueur in French) will indicate to the player the most profitable machines and games on an online or land-based casino. Each machine has its own RTP. It is therefore essential to understand this notion. ...
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Land-Based Casinos
We are both online and on land thanks to the land-based casinos that dot our Quebec! You will be treated to a short description of the land-based casinos, just to make your mouth water, and if you want to know more, just click on the corresponding link to enjoy a complete review of the casino that will have caught your eye! ...
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Progressive Jackpots
What is your goal when playing at the online casino? If you want to earn money first of all, then you have come to the right place. Indeed, playing the classic way is very good, but if you really want to win big, then we have the solution, and it's called "progressive jackpots". We tell you everything in our article. ...
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Redistribution Rates
Today there is a simple way to find out if the game you are going to look into is an acceptable, advantageous option or, on the contrary, to run away from. This means, it is called the "redistribution rate" and this is what we are going to present to you today in our article. This notion is to be mastered absolutely for any casino lover! ...
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Casino Software
Learn more about the history and reputation of the software used. What could be better to be able to get your hands on quality games the first time, without having to go through mediocre games? It is absolutely necessary that you browse this list of game publishers for an even more entertaining experience on Quebec online casinos! ...
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Mobile casino
The casino, like all the services offered online, now has its own mobile version. So you will have the opportunity to play from your Apple smartphone or under an Android operating system. The proposed games will keep their original formats for a totally similar game! Discover all the information related to the mobile casino, here. ...
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Responsible gaming
Being responsible does not only apply to real life, the online casino, to, too, its share of responsibility in your online games. What is responsible gambling? What are the rules associated with responsible gambling as a whole? In order to make you as aware as possible on this topic, discover our entire guide explaining the importance of responsible gambling. ...
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Gambling addiction
Addiction to games, a thorny subject requiring special attention. Players deserve the most personalized follow-up, which is why we propose a preventive topic within this section. Addictions, impacts and assistance provided for this purpose, discover our complete guide on the different points characterizing the subject, here. ...
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Do not despair! Wanting to play at the online casino as a hobby that can bring you a nice bundle of dollars, it is completely legitimate. We are here to facilitate your beginnings and train you on the theory before you move on to practice for good! Of course, our site is not intended to be a boring and endless course, but precisely, interactive and fun, you will have the opportunity to realize it with our other sections, which, we hope, you will like.

In the things that you absolutely have to master before registering at an online casino, we put the glossary first, because if some terms are transparent, others seem completely opaque and can discourage you. We try to expand it as requests go by so that it becomes your indispensable dictionary.

Then, as a beginner, you don't necessarily know all the possibilities that are available to you when you sign up. Between playing for free and the player forums, you will have something to satisfy your curiosity.

  • Update on the legislation

This is a must-read topic. Indeed, online casinos must comply with Canadian law and for nothing in the world, we would not want to be fined or worse for simply ignoring this or that directive!

In this very serious part of our guide, we also address without complex the question of the gambling addiction and from the responsible gaming as a whole. Because some people are more sensitive to it than others and because it is not a shame to talk about it, we have dedicated a part to guide you if you are in this case and you want to get out of it or if you know someone close to you that you owe it to yourself to help.

On the other hand, we will also talk about the permissions that all worthy online operators must have in order to have the right to offer their services to you. This involves establishments that issue operating licenses, but also independent organizations that can officially certify the quality of the products and services offered by virtual casinos.

  • Update on the developers

Without them, there would be no virtual casino. They are the ones who provide the platforms where you browse, the reliable and secure payment platforms, but also, and above all, the games. The operators sign very important partnerships with them to obtain the most popular games of the moment, always to satisfy you at best. Depending on the strategies, some will choose with great precision the game publishers that they want to see on their site and others sign contracts with developers with completely different ambitions in order to diversify their offer and thus fill the demand for several profiles of players.

  • Update on the means of deposit

This is one of the biggest questions players have, and it's normal! How do I use my money? What are the payment methods the most accepted by Canadian online casinos? Can they also be used as a means of withdrawal? Money is obviously an important theme on a site like an online casino where our motivation is to have fun while getting rich. No taboo here, we talk dollar with pleasure! And good news, there are many ways at your disposal so that you are as comfortable as possible with the idea of depositing into your player account.


casino games

On online casino sites, you will be able to enjoy many games available at every moment of the day and night, the same ones that are available in the land-based casinos . In addition to this access facilitated by the expansion of the internet and new technologies, these games of money and chance existed long before we were born! Some even have their origins in antiquity, that's not to say little! Our ancestors were therefore also fond of these games that bring us all incredible entertainment.

No, we do not offer you the boring classes that you probably suffered in your childhood, if they were as traumatic as ours, we sympathize! The stories that we are offering you today deal with exciting topics, since these are the games that can be found today on most online casinos! Did you know, for example, that blackjack was called the 21st? Or that baccarat was once reserved for the elite? Sometimes, understanding the complete history of a game allows you to better understand the rules that do not seem very logical to you, or to grasp the meaning of certain terms of the jargon in force. In short, you will have understood, cultivating yourself on games that you will love on online casinos will allow you to get a little of your learning by enriching your general culture!

  • Ancient origins

In the complete offer of online casino sites, you will be able to enjoy many games as rich and entertaining as each other. Among them, you will be able to enjoy the famous slot machines, online roulette, blackjack, baccarat, but also keno, poker, video poker, bingo, craps, scratch games, sic bo and casino war.

As you will have understood, the sites offer many games since each player has his own preferences. When one player will prefer to play slot machines, another will prefer to play bingo, and this is quite natural. But the common point that unites the different games of money and chance is invariably based on the very ancient origins. Some of them even date back to ancient China. You will be able to enjoy this return to the past for each of these games!

  • The passage to America

Many of the online casino games have traveled throughout Europe and around the world. But what propelled them all to the rank of casino stars are the passage through the United States in the period of the 19th century. America, the birthplace of gambling and gambling with the famous city of Las Vegas, has led to a reshuffling of some games that has allowed them to democratize to their fair values. Once again, we can say thank you to America for these precious games that we can enjoy at the moment at every moment.

  • The Internet has revolutionized everything

It is true that we are very lucky in our current generation. The Internet and new technologies make it easier for us to access entertainment, communication and many other aspects. We sometimes tend to forget it, but there was a world, not that old, where the internet did not exist! For gambling and gambling, the expansion of the internet has undeniably changed the gaming landscape. All these games have had a before and an after internet, and this, to our delight. You even now have a game mode live casino which allows you to have dealers directly at your home.



It's human, we like to categorize and tidy up. On a humorous note, or even on a more serious note, we have been able to notice, throughout our experience, that certain portrait-types of players often come back. And of course, depending on the game used, the personalities and goals are different, which offers other opportunities to draw up new lists of profiles.

They vary according to their ambitions, their favorite games, but also their betting habits. To better understand the players you will sometimes face on the web, we present you the different player profiles of online casino sites. If you are brought to meet some of them, you will be able to better understand their approaches, which may be dissociated from yours.

Whether it's bingo, roulette, blackjack or video poker, you will inevitably think of a person when you read our articles related to each of the games. Maybe you, too, will recognize each other? Don't be shy, self-mockery or self-analysis is beneficial to each of us! At the editorial office, we are also the first to have lent ourselves to the game with pleasure! It's your turn! Go to this portrait gallery immediately!

  • Slot machine players

On the online slot games, we have been able to observe different profiles of players. There are those who are looking for fun, those who are looking for thrills, but of course also those who are looking to land the progressive jackpots . Like the offer of slot machines that number in the thousands, it is quite natural to observe different ambitions on the part of the players. We present to you in detail the foundation of their deep inspirations. You will probably recognize yourself in one of these categories. And we will not forget to make an update on the redistribution rates which is an important datum in the world of slots as well as the player return rate .

  • Poker players

For poker players, this is a different matter. It is true that the approach between slot machines and poker diverges in many aspects. In poker, it is true that you need to have a champion's mind in order to withstand the bluffing blows of your opponents at the table. For a large number of poker players, we denote above all a love of cards. But for some, it's the strategy they have to put in place that makes them tick. When for others, it is an entertainment that they are looking for above all. As you will have understood, in poker, everyone has their own ambitions.

  • Roulette players

At the online roulette game, over the course of our research, we have also managed to detect different profiles of players. One thing is for sure, is that each of the players we met vibrates intensely when they hear "the games are done, nothing is going wrong"! In addition to this adrenaline present throughout the body during an online roulette game, some seek above all to compete with the croupiers. For others, it will be pure and hard entertainment after a long day at work.

As you can see, like the games available on the web, you will be able to meet players through discussion forums who may have a different approach to yours. However, we are sure that we all have in common the love of online gambling and gambling


las vegas

In addition to finding a bunch of information about the points discussed above, you will also find in this section a real bric-a-brac of information all as interesting as each other.

  • The crispy anecdotes

A good mood is the best remedy! Make your zygomatics work by reading funny, dramatic, weird, scary anecdotes about the world of casinos! Some legends are worth knowing and repeating! So, don't hesitate any longer, go to the gossip corner of our site!

  • At the box office...

Admit it, Ocean's Eleven made you dream with this atmosphere of glitzy casinos, James Bond is much sexier with his martini in a casino in Montenegro, and Kevin Spacey has never seemed more tortured than in his Las Vegas 21 character! The casino theme brings crowds to the cinema! You guessed it, we have many other passions than the casino, the 7th art is one of them! In our box office folder, we have prepared fact sheets on the best films related to gambling and the casino world. You would be surprised to learn so much just by watching movies!

  • The best books

For those who prefer books to movies, we have everything planned! Our section on the best books offers you the review of books and resources to read! Whether it be instructive, humorous books or even novels, they will all be related to the theme of the casino and its most common games. Do not hesitate to use our section dedicated to reference books!

Do you want to have a concrete general knowledge about gambling and gambling?

Don't wait any longer and discover all the information to perfect your knowledge in our articles and complete and detailed :