Games Area: Is the famous casino playground really worth a visit?

The world of online casino , it's a real games room in which you don't know where to put your head when you get there for the first time: sounds, colors, games galore, offers, it's just crazy! Get ready to enter the bewitching and magical maze of online casino games.

Slot Machines
On online casino sites, you will be able to enjoy an unprecedented world of entertainment with hundreds of slot machines waiting for you! Since there are thousands of slot machines on the market, there are of course some aspects to master when starting this great adventure. ...
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Online Blackjack
Blackjack is a casino game that gets the most attention because everyone knows the stories around the famous card counting strategy that would allow players who master it to win fortunes. Find out everything you need to know about Blackjack. ...
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Video Poker
Online video poker is a game that does not require a lot of learning to quickly win money. Whether it's the rules, tips for winning, details about free video poker without downloading and the advantages of playing on an online gaming site, you will know everything! ...
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Online Roulette
Do you want to discover a historical game present in any land-based or online casino? Roulette has been unleashing crowds for decades and often offers a resounding spectacle. Between suspense, screams of joy or emotion, discover the mythical roulette. ...
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Online Baccarat
With the advent of online casinos, you can finally find the entertainment you have always dreamed of. Besides, just because you already enjoy a game doesn't mean you can't discover others. In this vein, it's time to turn to the game of baccarat! ...
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Craps is one of the most popular casino games and has survived the ages until the advent of the Internet. You will also find in this folder all the necessary information to start a game of craps in the best possible conditions! ...
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Scratch Games
Among the casino games available on the Internet, scratch tickets are not yet recognized at their true value. Although it is difficult to upset the habits of players who have been going to their authorized dealers for years, these games are proving to be more advantageous on online casinos... ...
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Sic Bo
With the advent of online platforms, sic bo has taken on another dimension and is starting to take pride of place among casino games. In this article, you will discover how to win at sic bo, but also learn all the combinations, strategies and tricks! ...
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Online Bingo
The best online casinos now offer you exciting new casino games like bingo. To become experts in the online bingo game and win significant winnings, our team reveals to you all the secrets of the most famous lottery games! ...
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Online Keno
Keno is becoming more and more popular at online casinos. Indeed, it offers the player the opportunity to win big winnings without betting a lot of money. In our special online keno guide, you will discover all the tricks to increase your chances of winning the jackpot. ...
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Online poker
Three-of-a-kind, square, straight flush? These terms may be familiar to you, or not, in any case, find out all the information related to online poker as a whole. We explain all the rules and associated strategies in this section. ...
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Casinos collaborate with the biggest casino game publishers to create crazy gaming spaces

casino games

The goal is not only to make you professionals in online casino games but to allow you to prioritize quality over quantity! To have a quality experience, you need to know which are the best casino game providers. If we talk to you about NextGen Gaming, Microgaming, Play'n Go, Real Time Gaming or Pragmatic Play, does it not evoke anything to you? Don't worry. You will be able to discover the best online casino game publishers in a special folder dedicated to this theme. Exceptional graphics, breathtaking 3D animations, flash games, original and eccentric themes, innovative features, new games... You will then be able to choose your games according to your favorite publishers. Between those who specialize in online slots, those who offer the best free games or even those who have a very marked creative style, you will manage to choose what you like in a very express way! Express is also the ideal word to evoke the various no-download casinos available on all types of browsers.

Are you afraid of getting bored in a universe made of chips, reels and cards? You can't imagine the multitude of themes available in the game libraries of online casinos. Want to travel? You will be able to play slot machines from the most beautiful casinos in the four corners of the planet. Adept of the sparkling world of princesses, cats and other diamonds, you will have access to "girl games" dedicated to young ladies. With a sporty character and a fan of the round ball, sports games will satisfy you for sure! Or if you are rather passionate about the world of the mafia, robots and other super heroes, you will be spoilt for choice to find the chosen one of your heart among the many video slots available.

Become an expert in casino games while having fun thanks to a complete and original game area

money games

Taking your first steps in an online casino is like landing near the Eiffel Tower, in the middle of the city of Paris without speaking a word of French! We can feel disoriented and no longer know where to turn! Which way to go? Who to contact? It is for this reason that it is important to inform yourself before embarking on this great adventure! So do not hesitate to visit our small sections specific to each game. We know that you don't have much time and you can't wait to play, that's why we offer you a lot of useful information and many "practical tips" for free on all casino games, such as video poker, roulette, baccarat, craps, sic bo, poker or bingo. From ball games to card games, including dice games, casinos are today resplendent establishments where money flows freely. A whole bunch of croupiers and chips appeared in the popular imagery that surrounds casinos before appearing on the net. At a time when technology and the web bring together all the populations of the planet, it is possible to go to the casino... online. At any time of the day, you can play and bet your money, on your computer or on your mobile.

Forget the explanations of uninteresting games based on fashionable and school-style rules and strategies. We are no longer at school even if the gaming areas of the casinos look like real amusement parks or adult playgrounds! It's a party every day in the casino world! Especially when you have a mobile games area, available on your smartphone or tablet. Even more chances to win the jackpot!

How about learning more about the blackjack myths? Or about the calculation of the probability of winning at slot machines and our tips for making money en masse at scratch cards? Learning while having fun means playing better and winning more and more! To hell with the ideas received: the world of casino games and betting is fun and educational. Probabilities and strategies, you will navigate between numbers and winning combinations throughout your online games.

How to play for free and unlimited on a spacejeux? Here are unpublished revelations

free game

Last important point before introducing the many games of online casinos: the free game. And not least because our site collects only the best free games from the world of iGaming. What could be better than starting step by step in a serene and pressure-free setting? You don't bet money and don't take the risk of losing it! Rather convenient when taking your first steps at the online casino! Our best advice? Check out our game-specific articles and apply our valuable expert tips on our free games! You will then be able to put our tips into practice and subsequently adapt your strategies in order to win nice winnings. So make the most of it! So how about testing your knowledge of the different games by taking advantage of our free games? We are not going to offer you games that have nothing to do with those that you will find on online casino sites. Free slot machines are of course at the rendezvous like other famous casino games. On the contrary, you will realize at the end of your training on our site that the games offered by the operators are identical and in this way, you will not lose your marks!

You should also know that when you start playing at one of the many online casinos, you will also have the opportunity to play for free through various means. First of all thanks to the demo mode, also known as discovery mode, which gives novices the opportunity to discover the gaming site for free without wagering any money. But also thanks to the many welcome bonuses and other promotions that your casino will offer you throughout the year. Is it your birthday? Your cashier has memorized your date of birth well and he will not disappoint you on this special day: back to childhood with a nice birthday bonus to discover this new slot machine game that made you languish so much for a few days!

But that's not all! The best online casinos will use all possible and unimaginable events to pamper you: Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day... And even the famous concept of "Happy Hours" with a very specific time slot to play for free! And yes, playing casino games does not necessarily mean taking out your wallet!

What kind of entertainment will I find on mobile gaming sites and via my PC? List

The world of online gambling is extremely vast. Thus, you will quickly find that there is something for everyone on virtual casino sites. Indeed, dozens of entertainments are offered, the main ones of which are listed here.

The slot machines

777 slot machine

Who today on this Earth does not know the famous slot machine ? These machines with tokens and many symbols are essential for the best online gaming spaces. These are the real stars of any self-respecting online casino. Imagined and developed by the American, Charles Fey, the slot machine is a must in casinos.

Hundreds of machines, simple to use, will make you earn money by operating a lever or by pressing just a button.

The goal is simple, you need to line up the same symbols to win. They do not require very advanced knowledge and the possibilities are endless, whether in terms of bonuses or themes they will immerse you in different universes thanks to varied and breathtaking themes. So if you are a casino lover, we have no doubt for a second that you have already tried one, whether it is a virtual slot or a real one in a land-based casino. Let yourself be seduced by these technological jewels that can earn you big. Do not hesitate for a second to try to beat the slot machine, one game is very short. 3D or video slot machines, with 3 to 5 reels with unimaginable winning combinations, this is where it happens! We decrypt them for you.

Online blackjack


Blackjack is a very mysterious game that can impress at first glance. While French casino players adopted this game as early as the eighteenth century, the card game that was called the "21", did not meet with great success in American establishments. Thus, the latter have developed a bonus system thanks to the Ace of spades and the Black Jack which is translated into English as "Black Jack". To win at this game, card lovers must beat the dealer without "jumping", that is, without exceeding the number 21 thanks to the values of the cards.

The online blackjack is undoubtedly the online casino game that gets the most attention because everyone knows the stories around the famous card counting strategy that would allow players who master it to win fortunes. But blackjack is not just that, it is above all an extremely pleasant game that combines luck and audacity, it is a game that is quite accessible if you know the basics. Popularized online especially thanks to the first computers that integrated this game, you can now bet your money on the internet or on mobile without ever exceeding the "21". So that you too can take part in games at your online casino, we suggest you discover a special blackjack folder. We have prepared a very important "information package" for you to know about blackjack.

Online video poker

video poker

Welcome to our special section which will be dedicated to a game that we all enjoy here at the editorial office, of course I want to talk about the video poker , a mix between slots and the famous game of poker in its Texas Hold'em version. Video poker may be a rather opaque concept for some players who are resolutely oriented towards pure and hard poker, but video poker is a rather complex and rather strategic game, despite its simplistic appearances. Moreover, in a land-based casino, it is not uncommon to come across players who sit in front of a video poker machine thinking that it is a slot machine, so similar is the "physics" of the two machines. Discover or rediscover video poker in all its forms!

Online roulette


Rightly nicknamed the queen of casinos, this game is one of the most requested whether in a physical casino or online. Roulette is the star of casinos! A lover of perpetual motion, the French physicist, Blaise Pascal invented the roulette wheel in the seventeenth century. Now offered in different forms, whether European or American, roulette can make you win more or less money depending on its versions. With the diversity of online roulette, you can bet on the right number or the right color whenever you want.

Ah the pleasure of playing the online roulette ! To sit down at the table, place your bets and wait for the ball to choose a square, obviously hoping that it will be the one you had also chosen. If you have never tasted the pleasures of roulette in a casino, now is the time to catch up with our services because now that you have entered our special "roulette" folder, you are not going to come out of it anytime soon, believe us. Not because we are going to keep you hostage, but simply because this game is so exciting that you may never want to leave it. If you think we're exaggerating, wait a bit to see what's in store for you. And because you will certainly be tempted to try it, we give you all its secrets in a section dedicated exclusively to roulette.

Online baccarat


The online casino player likes to go about several things within the walls of his casino, just like the land-based casino player for that matter. So just because you already enjoy a game doesn't mean you can't be curious and discover others. If you don't know the online baccarat , then you will be delighted to take it in hand because as the players who are starting it for the first time say, baccarat is an awesome card game. It is said to be a cousin of blackjack, but in the end, the only thing in common is to reach a certain number of points with the cards you are dealt! This game, whose story is exciting, has many variations around the world, there is bound to be one that will fill you up! Come on, go to our baccarat category, you will love it!

Online craps


Also available in the game libraries of the best online casinos, you can indulge in the famous game of craps online. It is a game that is a monster success in the United States. Very widespread in North America in general, it only arrived very late on our gaming tables and is not yet known to everyone. This dice game has enough to drive any novice crazy! Our beginnings were complicated, but fortunately, the experience made it a much more enjoyable game than it seems! If you have never played it, its game rules may seem complex to you at first glance but don't worry, you will find in our special folder dedicated to this famous dice game all the necessary explanations, we give you all the secrets of craps. You can go there, we have cleared the ground and simplified the explanations.

Online scratch cards

scratch-off games

We are sure that you have already gone to get cigarettes and then, in passing, to take a few scratch games when, at the base, you did not go there at all for that. Indeed, paper versions are accessible everywhere, even people who are not necessarily excited about gambling have already been tempted by what is commonly called a "scratch-scratch". It may even be that sometimes the scratch-off games are not intended for you directly, you may give them to a family member... It is certainly the most popular game among the general public. Do you think that online establishments have not left this popular game aside since you will be able to find a multitude of scratch games online. Accessible to everyone and very easy to use, these games of chance allow 100% relaxing moments. Check it out for yourself over here!

The sic bo online

sic bo

If it is not very common in land-based casinos in Canada because it is still poorly known to the general public, the sic bo online has taken on another dimension in online casinos. This game of Chinese origin dating back several centuries has already become the darling of some players in a few years who have adopted it by abandoning roulette, a game strangely resembling it according to the players.

Unlike craps, sic bo is played on a single roll of three dice. You will understand everything by visiting our space dedicated to sic bo.

Online bingo


Who has never heard this word, funny in spite of himself? It is the battle cry that signals the victory and the excitement of a player who has waited for fate to fill his grid! The online bingo is strongly present in our collective memory. This lottery game, evoking for some the kermesses or the fiery parties of the retirement home, has taken a serious youth boost thanks to online casinos. So you will find with great surprise this famous game on the best online game libraries that will allow you to spend incredible moments as much fun as lucrative. Ready to bet on your favorite numbers? Discover all the information about this game that we already think we know by heart! Note that there is another lottery game at the casino: online keno.

Online keno


Don't back down from the online keno , the vintage fashion has returned, and you may soon be a millionaire thanks to keno! Keno is a game that is unlike any other, even if it more or less resembles lotto, you will be surprised to discover new principles of play. Once you have the basics firmly anchored in your head, apply the theory to achieve success in a practical way. Don't believe the urban legends that report that keno is cheesy! Since it arrived on online casinos, this online lottery entertainment still offers you great chances to win nice winnings. Who knows, maybe it's the jackpots collected in keno that will offer you your next vacation!

The paper keno player usually has a different profile than the internet casino player who usually only plays a few games on keno games. By the way, we had fun listing all these differences. Do you find yourself in one of these portraits?

If you are a novice in casino games, or if you are rather an expert in card games, learn everything about keno, you will be surprised at the entertainment it will provide you.

Learning the principles of keno is really not complicated, our full article explains all the details of a game. So what are you waiting for to get started? Don't be shy and take a few tens of minutes to master the basics of this unjustly discarded lottery game. Also, if we offer you as many simple as complex strategies: practice on the free keno games to make your hand without spending your money. The best keno strategies will indeed be detailed in our special article, it will help you to deepen the subject and multiply your bets.

We reassure you, there is no right or wrong place to play. Just apply the best tips, train hard and have fun. These are the rules for all the games that you may encounter. If you are about to move into the category of expert keno players thanks to our site, congratulations! But don't rest on your laurels, continue your efforts until you make a fortune thanks to this game that has returned to fashion. Forget your prejudices, play, win!

The war online casino


This card game has become popular, because it is very simple. We can even play it with the children! (without money at stake and outside the casino establishments, it goes without saying!). It is indeed a casino adaptation of the extremely popular battle game.

The goal is very simple and consists in revealing a card of a higher value than that of the opponent. We explain all this to you in our "Casino War" folder. See you here!

What to think of the game library ? Is it better than the other sites?

Perhaps you don't know it, but from Montreal to Quebec City, passing through all the territories of the province, the Loto Quebec entity is in charge of regulating the online gaming market, and has been offering since 2010 an interface named to the many players from Canada.

On the Loto Quebec Games Area, you will therefore find varied entertainment, but what are they worth compared to those offered on other casinos accessible on the internet. We went around the toy libraries on the market including the Online casino Games Area and here is entertainment by entertainment what we found.

  • Poker Games Area :

To participate in games, you will need to download the software once you have registered. You will then find that the Espace Jeux poker universe offers a wide program of tournaments with a rather interesting "prize pool", as well as many cash game tables. However, if you are a poker lover, nothing beats a specialized site...

  • Slot machines Games Area :

On Loto Québec online, hundreds of slots are waiting for you. Are they better than those of other platforms? And imagine that these are the same machines that you can find on casinos, insofar as Espace Jeu has used the most famous publishers such as Betsoft, IGT, SG Digital, NextGen, WMS, Bally, WGS... So remember to consider the other casinos before rushing to register here.

  • Lottery Games Area :

Loto Quebec Espace Jeux offers you the opportunity to take part in the national draws without having to leave your home to complete your grids. From the website, you can therefore also register among the list of lucky ones who may be rewarded with millions of dollars in the event of a correct draw. Note, however, that your chances of winning are less important than on the lottery games of other casinos, but the rewards are much more important. It's up to you to see which category of players you belong to, but it is sometimes advisable to run less risk in order to ensure your back...

  • Games area entirely dedicated to bingo :

Bingo is also a product offered brilliantly on Espace Jeux. You will be able to take part in draws that will also be broadcast on TV (or via TV Games Area), or you will have the opportunity to entertain yourself on mini games. As with lottery games, you will have to choose between winning more but less often on this site, or more regularly smaller sums on other casinos.

What does the Quebec law say & how to have fun on Espace Jeux Loto Quebec or on online casinos?

Since 1969, the Quebec government has wanted to make a clear place in terms of gambling, by removing these products from the hands of the underworld and regulating them as it should be in order to protect users. This is how the state-owned company called Lotoquebec was born, and gradually took over the responsibility of chaperoning the various games of chance, and maintaining standards of safety and fairness in the land-based casinos of the province.

In the 1990s, the first online casinos appeared, and it was also necessary to regulate this type of market. Thus was born in 2010 Espacejeux, under the aegis of Loto-Quebec. Since its creation, the law seems to indicate that this is the only officially authorized site in Quebec. However, users have access to other online casinos that often offer products of a similar quality if not higher, where the protection of the player is also at the center of concerns. So don't neglect this alternative!

What is Espace Jeux online casino worth compared to gambling sites in the country? Comparative

It can be difficult for players to understand whether it is better to play on "My Gaming Area", or whether gambling sites accessible in Canada are also a viable option. In order to help you see more clearly, we now present the different aspects to take into account when it comes time to make your choice.


Will you be entitled to a Espace Jeux promotional code (or Espace Jeux promotion code) when you register on the site? The answer is yes! Like many other operators, this establishment is indeed planning a Games Area promotion for newcomers.

Better yet, depending on the type of entertainment you prefer, a certain Espace Jeux promo code will be communicated to you, allowing you to activate an offer adapted to your requirements. The bonuses are therefore present here as elsewhere, but are not necessarily more generous and their conditions are not always as interesting as on other platforms.

The mobile interface

More and more Canadians now want to access casino games from their mobile devices. This is the reason why a brilliant Mobile Gaming product has been created. You will thus have access to machines, table games, bingo, keno and much more from a well-designed mobile version. The latter is adapted to the screens of your smartphones, but is also made for your tablet or accessible via iPad Games Area.

And for lottery fans, a Mobile Games Area app has been specially designed to allow you to complete your grids and play by downloading a small well-designed software. This mobile gaming option therefore has nothing to envy to other operators, but also does not particularly stand out from the crowd.

Transaction services and customer service

Whether it is to activate a Espace Jeux promotion code (or Espace Jeux bonus code), or simply to take part in real money games, you will have access to secure deposit methods on Espace Jeux. Credit card, prepaid tickets, transfers: the payment solutions are a little more limited than those you will find elsewhere on the net, but the variety remains reasonable.

Finally, on the customer service side, again the product is not much different from that of other establishments, if only on one point. Indeed, in addition to offering the usual email and live chat, Espace Jeux can also be reached by phone day or night. An asset for the "couche-tard"...

Go on an assault on the best gaming areas of Quebec online casinos!

Enter the legend and win maximum winnings by following all the tips offered for free by your faithful online casino guide Online Casino :