Craps: master this legendary game thanks to our casino guide

Craps is one of the casino games the most popular and has been able to cross the eras until the advent of the Internet. You will also find in this folder all the necessary information to start a game of craps in the best possible conditions!

Craps Rules
Warning: playing {craps} when you are a beginner can be risky. It is better to take proper ownership of the rules of the game under penalty of terrible disillusionment. So, how do we play craps? What are the bets available during a game? We explain all this to you in detail! ...
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Craps Strategies
Do you want to go even further in order to win more money with craps? We have everything you need here! To deepen your knowledge about craps, we have actually listed the best tips in this section. Are you ready to optimize your bankroll? ...
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Free Craps
Craps is a dice game that is becoming more and more popular with casino players. This game of chance can sometimes seem confusing when you first sit down at a table. To master the rules and strategies of the game, free craps is logically the ideal solution! ...
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Discover the rules of the game to better understand all your craps games at an online casino

As I told you, when you are watching a craps game for the first time, you may panic, because it is not so simple to understand, but once you have done the necessary, that is to say learn the basics by heart, then you will see that you will not be impressed at all. We therefore advise you to read and reread this article again which teaches you how to play craps until you get enough of the rules to take on the craps table.

The game of craps is very easy to learn and its use requires very little equipment: two printed dice and a craps mat. The objective of the players will be to place bets, therefore a bet, which is also called the "bet" in English, on the possible combination that will come out when the dice are drawn. Initially, the dealer will call the pitcher for a first round called a "Come Out Roll": that is, the player will have to place his bets on the first throw. Later, you will see that there are some strategies to adopt to win the jackpot on this game of chance. Feel free to learn the game, the rules and the strategies by playing free craps at most of the best online casinos.

Here are all our tips and some tricks to win your craps games at online casinos

Of course, as with all the games we cover, we have tips and tricks to give you in order to put all the chances on your side. For craps, there is no exception, there are small nudges that we are going to give you that may well change the course of the game. We will see one by one the points not to be missed so that the game runs as well as possible.

For example, you should know that craps is, without a doubt, the online casino game where the available bets are the most numerous. We will therefore teach you how to bet and win with a "Pass Line" or a "Don't Pass Line". Of course, do not be afraid of English-speaking words, since our team will bring you each craps translation to better understand how gambling works.

To find out more, there is nothing better than learning how to use certain strategies in craps

Be careful, do not confuse our nudges with the real strategies that teach you how to win at craps and that you can set up during your games. You will see that the latter really pay off if you apply them perfectly and for this, no secret: what you need is to work hard, that is, to train.

The Sharpshooter method is, without a doubt, the most popular strategy for craps players to win

We will zoom in on two methods that the legends say are paid. Let's say they have already proven themselves, but they are so difficult to set up. Today, few people allow themselves to say that they have mastered them. The first is the Sharp Shooter method, the name is already very attractive, it almost feels like a James Bond movie. Believe me, you will love it.

The Patient Field method, to place a bet calmly and win winnings on craps games

Finally, we will finish this special craps section with the second method that I wanted to expose to you which is called "The Patient Field". Here too, you will be surprised by its content, but we think that you should definitely know them, especially if your goal is to later play in a land-based casino.

Finally, check out our review of online casinos and the advantages of playing craps online

Want to play craps online? You are right, because casino gaming sites offer you many advantages that will inevitably increase your chances of winning the jackpot! For example, each casino site has its own promotional range. That is to say, operators can offer you multiple bonuses that will either boost your balance, or give you additional chances to play or place chips, to win more money.

In this regard, casino bonuses are to be used on the entire game library accessible to players. Thus, you can, of course, use a promotion on the craps game, but also on many entertainment, such as slot machine games, online roulette games, blackjack, poker, video poker or baccarat. Moreover, to train, do not hesitate to go through the fun mode of a casino. Games of free craps they are waiting for you with open arms to have fun, without paying a single penny. That's the magic of the online casino!

That's it, you've just learned how to play craps thanks to our special folder so why not continue this momentum and learn how to play another online casino game?