Scratch Games: you will learn more about your favorite game

Among the casino games available on the Internet, scratch-off tickets are not yet recognized at their true value. Although it is difficult to upset the habits of players who have been going to their authorized dealers for years, scratch games are proving to be much more advantageous on online casinos...

Strategies Scratch Games
There are some tricks to maximize your chances of winning the jackpot when playing scratch games. Do you know these three tricks that really work? We deliver them to you right here, so take advantage of these free tips and treat yourself! ...
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Rules Scratch Games
It is certainly one of the most exciting games: despite their simplicity, the adrenaline provided by scratch games is comparable to that felt on the majority of casino games. For those who don't know how to play scratch tickets yet, here we make a summary of the rules. ...
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Free Scratch Games
Scratch games have become very popular because they allow you to win a lot of money in a few seconds. However, some players simply enjoy the pleasure of scratching and discovering a win. For the latter, free scratch games are the ideal solution. ...
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Scratch Games

A few words about scratch cards

One thing is for sure, when you have tested the online scratch games, it will be very difficult to go back! If you want to start the adventure of scratch-off games in online casinos, we have concocted a little program for you like you've never had, instead look at what awaits you in this special folder.

The rule of the game

Online scratch games, like physical scratch cards, have a simple mode of operation. It may seem strange to you to talk about the rule of the game for scratch cards since you know well that your goal is simply to scratch, as their name suggests. On a ticket purchased in advance, all you have to do is scratch the slot provided for this purpose. But that's actually not all, you will be surprised to know that online game publishers are racking their brains to offer you ever more fun games with rules to know how to play scratch games which are different even if we agree, the main goal is to scratch.

Depending on the tickets, you will be able to win different amounts of money. Even if it is true that this game is not going to require a lot of effort from you, you will still have the opportunity to discover different strategies to adopt in order to maximize your chances of winning. Never has the million been so close to your wallet thanks to scratch cards.

Types of scratch cards

To compete with the physical scratch cards that you buy from authorized dealers, you know that game publishers are redoubling their creativity so that you can have fun on lots of different cards.

On online casino sites, there is an incredible and extensive offer of scratch cards that you will be able to take advantage of as soon as you want. That is why, in order not to get lost, we decided to present them all to you. Watch your eyes!

Depending on your preferences, you will be able to enjoy scratch cards directly telling you the amount you have won, or, you will have to find identical symbols in your scratch-offs, or find famous casino games such as card games or lottery games. As you will have understood, the offer of scratch games is unlimited and offers you guaranteed entertainment at every moment.

The tips to follow

With online scratch cards, there is going to be something for every budget. Of course, even if we are sure that scratching has no secret for you, you may not know that there are some little tricks to win even more money thanks to this online casino game that is constantly gaining market share. So if you want to maximize your earnings with free and easy-to-implement tips, don't forget to read our article that teaches you how to win at scratch games .

It would still be a shame not to take advantage of it. As you will have understood, it is high time for you to embark on the beautiful adventure of online scratch games.


We are sure that you have sometimes gone to get cigarettes and then, in passing, to take a few scratch games when, at the base, you did not go there at all for that. It may even be that sometimes the scratch games are not intended for you directly, you may give them to a family member, maybe to your children who are waiting for you in the car, which we do not recommend by the way.

Indeed, it has been proven that children who are used to gambling from their youngest ages will be much more likely to develop addictive behavior than other players who start playing when they are of age. Indeed, if it is not a "big deal" for you to give a scratch ticket to a child, he does not perceive it in the same way and his taste for gambling will grow faster. It is therefore best to keep these playful games out of the reach of minors.

Why scratch online?

Finally, we have heard many players say that it is less interesting to scratch online. This is totally false, it is even the opposite in reality. For you, we have even put free scratch games on our website so that you can discover these games online.

It is true that online scratch games have an undeniable advantage over the scratch games available in paper version. Their purchase prices are significantly cheaper! These price differences are explained by the different fees that hard scratch games incur. Between the printing costs, distribution, the reseller's commission, the price will necessarily be different than the offer available on the internet which does not have to incur these costs. So so that you can rest assured and learn the reasons that drive us to play online, in casinos, here is an article that introduces you to the advantages of online scratch cards.

And understanding online scratch games also means knowing the history of these games that fascinated America and then Europe to conquer the whole world!

Now that online scratch cards are on your "To do list", why not head over to another online casino game so we can teach you how to play :