Choose the best online blackjack game as well as the best casinos to play it in June 2022

Among the games available on online casino sites, you will find the game of blackjack. Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the casino games the most popular and popular among gamers. With online blackjack, you will discover an extremely pleasant game that combines luck and audacity.

Basic Blackjack Strategy
The basic blackjack strategy is, as the name suggests, the first step in learning strategies that will reduce the casino's advantage and therefore increase yours. Without it, the other strategies will be useless at all. One more reason to look into it right now. ...
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Card counting in Blackjack
The card counting strategy is a must in the casino. Why is she so famous? Simply because it has been covered in films like Las Vegas 21. It would be a shame to deprive ourselves of it, because it allows players to take advantage of the online casino. ...
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Blackjack Rules
It's hard to play a casino game without mastering the rules! Blackjack is no exception, and you will have to go through the theory before sitting down at a blackjack table. Rest assured, the learning only lasts a few minutes. ...
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Live Blackjack
Blackjack is a classic of the casino has not rested on its laurels and has been able to develop. To offer an ever more advanced gaming experience, online casinos have developed live blackjack. This version allows players to face the dealers live and be in total immersion. ...
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Free Blackjack
Blackjack is a game that requires a perfect knowledge of the rules and a total mastery of the strategies to adopt. Reaching a good level in this game can take time and prove to be very expensive. To compensate for this, free blackjack exists and is recommended by experts. ...
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How to find the best online casinos offering real money online blackjack?

Before demonstrating why you should play online rather than at the within land-based casinos , we will first introduce you to the best online casinos. We are here to inform you about the best online casino platforms offering real money online blackjack .

Our ranking of the best online casinos offering blackjack

Are you ready to discover the best online casino platforms ? Bonuses, games of all kinds, and differential advantages, the best online casinos present in Canada are here.

🏆 Jackpot City

Jackpot City is one of the most popular online casinos with Canadian players. The publishers Netent and MicroGaming will obviously be on hand to offer you the best versions of online blackjack games.

  • Welcome Bonus: $1,200
  • License: Malta Gaming Authority
  • Software: Netent, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming
  • Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Trustly, Neosurf, Bank Transfers
  • Payment terms: 1 to 2 working days for e-wallets

🥈 All Slots

Novices are welcome on All Slots , within this gaming space largely dedicated to online blackjack! You will have the ability to benefit from a great welcome bonus for your debut.

  • Welcome Bonus: $1,200
  • License: Malta Gaming Authority
  • Software: Netent, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming
  • Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Entropay, Muchbetter, Ukash, Paypal, Neteller, Trustly, Neosurf, Bank Transfers
  • Payment terms: 1 day maximum of validation then it depends on the chosen method

🥉 Royal Vegas

The interface of the site will certainly remind you of the world of the best casinos in Las Vegas. The top of the top is waiting for you on Royal Vegas to enjoy the best blackjack variants offered online.

  • Welcome Bonus: $1,200
  • License: Malta Gaming Authority
  • Software: Netent, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming
  • Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Interac, Skrill, Entropay, Muchbetter, Ukash, Paypal, Neteller, Trustly, Neosurf, Bank Transfers
  • Payment terms: maximum 1 day of validation by the casino's financial services

🎉 Wildz

Free-spins are in the spotlight at Wildz with more than 200 free spins on offer for your first steps on the gaming interface. Although the spins cannot be used to play blackjack, you will have the privilege of discovering a colorful platform that hosts the best online blackjack games.

  • Welcome bonus: $20 no deposit and up to $500 and 20 free spins with deposit
  • License: Malta Gaming Authority
  • Software: Playson, Netent, Play'n Go, Pragmatic Play, Quickspin, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming...
  • Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Muchbetter, Neteller, Paysafecard,Bank Transfers
  • Payment terms: 1 to 2 days maximum validation then it depends on the chosen method

You can consult our free journals at will. We are committed to helping you in your quest for the best gaming website.

So, what are you waiting for? Play blackjack online right now !

Tips for finding a good online casino on the web

Perhaps you don't have the slightest desire to follow our tips proposed in the previous section to the letter? If this is the case, don't worry, we are here to offer you some tips that will allow you to search for your holy grail yourself. It is, here :

  1. 🎁 Bonus : nowadays, all online casinos offer gambling bonuses, regardless of the profile of the players in question. You will usually have access to various welcome bonus, deposit bonus, or no deposit bonus . Choose only the platforms that offer bonuses, ban the others!
  2. 💬 The presence of a recognized customer service : we have all encountered problems related to the non-conformity of a product or service. In the context of the online casino, it is the same, it may be that you encounter problems related to your payment methods or bonuses, for example. It is in this context that customer service will intervene.
  3. 🎰 High-performance publishers : Netent, Microgaming or Play'N Go are game providers that you will appreciate because they are very talented. Rely on online casinos with the best publishers to ensure a game of high-performance blackjack .

A few words about blackjack games

If you are looking for thrills, we are sure that you will adopt this game of money and chance to never let it go again! It is true that the online blackjack games offered for free and without downloading offer unparalleled entertainment. It is very easy to spend hours there.

In order to better understand the phenomenon of this online casino game , we present to you all the details of this table game. So that you too can take part in games on your online casino , we invite you to discover a special black jack folder that we made with the members of the team of , a French-speaking blackjack guide that is no longer presented.

The complete history of online blackjack

Discover the history of blackjack and its arrival in online casinos in a few lines...

The beginnings of blackjack

It was initially a full-fledged card game. It was at the end of the 18th century that the game, which became famous, made its appearance by grabbing the monopoly of the traditional card games played by strategy enthusiasts. « Blackjack ", or "black jack" in French, was the name given to this strategy game whose goal is to get as close as possible to the number "21". The game was first called "21" and was inspired by card games " the railway "as well as the " french farm ».

The transition from blackjack to land-based casinos

The land-based casinos having been able to observe the operation of this game decided first to integrate it into the Parisian casinos. A success that allowed many wealthy French people to sit around a gaming table in order to show wealth and power.

It is only later that the introduction of this game will come within the United States. The American casinos began in particular to offer the first bonuses in order to attract the largest number of players.

This is how the blackjack and his now pronounced belonging to the casino tables. One revolution usually leads to another, this was not counting the appearance of online blackjack.

The revival of blackjack with its online versions

With the arrival of the internet and the first websites, a new window of entertainment has opened for players: the arrival of the online casino. This massive arrival of online platforms largely curbed the popularity of this game regularly played within the classic gaming tables.

A more accessible version, without a physical dealer or any equipment, now allows a game without any opportunistic or disparaging looks. The blackjack online casino now has a large part of the market for this proposed game. The land-based casino is struggling to renew its attraction techniques, seeing the online casino seize all market shares. Indeed, online blackjack has many advantages that do not escape the players.

How to play blackjack for free?

On the net, you have the opportunity to train at this legendary card game completely free of charge.

Indeed, most online gaming establishments now offer their players to play for free on most of the games offered.

Generally, to play, you need to be registered and you can only play blackjack against a computer and not live with a dealer.

🤓 Why do online casinos offer this option?

Simply because it allows them to introduce games to players who would be a little scared by the financial aspect of the game. Once the player is more comfortable and enjoys the game, he will then be much more confident to bet his money.

As a player, this is also a real advantage that allows you to choose the blackjack game that suits you best (graphics, bets, options, etc.) without spending a single penny. It also allows you to be able to test strategies without risking anything and to get an idea of their interest.

To enjoy it, it is usually enough to click on the game and select the "demo version" or "play for fun" so that you do not need to bet to play.

How to play live blackjack with a dealer?

Today, online casinos have made huge strides to offer an even more striking experience to their blackjack players.

It is now possible to playing live in front of a dealer filmed by High Definition cameras who will communicate with you through his microphone. You are comfortably seated behind your computer screen and you are living an experience very close to what you may have already experienced in land-based casinos.

Many online casinos that we recommend in our reviews have a "live casino" part. You can usually play blackjack games there but also baccarat, roulette, craps, sic bo, Monopoly , etc.

The advantages of playing blackjack online

The black jack or black jack is one of the casino games that you enjoy the most? Remember to open an online account before playing at exceptional blackjack online casinos.

Indeed, unlike land-based establishments in Las Vegas or elsewhere, playing blackjack online offers you many advantages! For example, as a new registrant, you can get a bonus offered at the time of your arrival that allows you to increase your chances of winning your games.

And that's not all, you will have the choice between various promotions to make your initial bet on an online casino profitable. By the way, online casino gaming sites, allow you to use a fun mode or even a mode live blackjack with live dealers.

The latter allows you to play games of free online blackjack , but also on all the best products from their game library such as slot machines, video poker, baccarat, the best poker games, but also online roulette!

Do you want to embark on the adventure of the most famous card game? All you have to do is click on "play blackjack" on the best online casinos to hit the jackpot or practice on a free blackjack game! Good luck!

Blackjack will have no more secrets for you once you have read all our articles!

How do the blackjack games offered online work?

Surely you all have in mind the stares of the blackjack players experienced land-based casinos? No worries, as part of the blackjack games offered online , you will not encounter the presence of any supported gaze of any player.

You can then focus on learning the rules of this game and become an expert in your turn. Within the web, you will have the opportunity to play by making game mistakes, no one will blame you for it. Discover now the global operation of a blackjack game offered online.

The rules of the blackjack casino

How to play blackjack ? That's a good question. You will understand that the first step is to discover the blackjack casino through its rules, you will not be able to pretend to take a seat at a blackjack table without knowing the basic rules.

That is why in a simple to understand article, you will have a rather detailed overview of the course of a game as well as concepts to learn by heart to get by in front of the dealer.

You can also choose to know the behind the scenes of the origins of the game to better understand it later!

Possible actions at the blackjack table

Because the actions that you will have to carry out in your blackjack game are quite important and may seem complex to some, we decided to make a dedicated article. The main objective is to beat the dealer. For this, you will have to master the rules that govern the course of a game of blackjack online casino . During a game of blackjack, you are going to have to get the strongest hand. In this case, the reference value for your hand is 21 .

What are the ten terms to know before playing blackjack?

  • Give : you can abandon the game if you feel that your hand is not good enough. You then get back half of your bet.
  • Insurance : if the dealer draws an Ace as the first visible card, you can take insurance by paying half of your starting bet. If the dealer makes a blackjack, you are refunded. In the opposite case, you lose your entire bet.
  • Blackjack : you make a blackjack as soon as you get a hand consisting of an ACE and a log (10, jack, queen, king). This hand totals 21 points and therefore remains the best possible combination.
  • Burn : when you exceed the score of 21, you burn out and you automatically lose the game. Conversely, you win if it is the dealer who burns. This term is also referred to as "buster", "jump" and get out".
  • Double : once you have received your first two cards, you can decide to double your bet on the condition that you only receive one additional card afterwards.
  • Remain : you settle for your first two cards. You stay when your hand is high enough, for example in the case of blackjack.
  • Rigid : a rigid hand is a hand that does not have an ACE or in which the ACE is worth only one point. Indeed, the ACE is equivalent to the choice of 1 or 11 points.
  • Separate : if your hand consists of a pair then you can decide to split it to play with two separate games. However, you will have to pay the amount of your initial bet. This term is also referred to as "splitter".
  • Flexible : a soft hand is a hand in which the ACE can have two values. Either 1 or 11 points. This is the case, for example, if you have a hand consisting of a 7 and an ACE (7 + 11 = 18 or 7 + 1 = 8)
  • Draw : the dealer deals two cards to each player. If you wish, you also have the option of drawing an additional card.

Playing blackjack: what are the techniques for winning?

It is not possible to explain the operation of the blackjack without going through the part of the strategies and techniques associated with this game. There are many film references concerning the universe of the online casino in its generality.

Blackjack is no exception to the rule with the movie " Las Vegas 21 " tracing the famous blackjack strategy used by the mathematician Edward O. Thorp . Playing blackjack using strategies requires understanding and investment. We will help you to perfect this understanding with the help of our pages proposed below.

The basic strategy for winning at blackjack

As we said in the introduction, blackjack has surprises in store for those who would be interested in the strategies that surround the game, especially the basic blackjack strategy .

Today, it's no longer a secret, there are techniques to put luck on your side and win at blackjack, but for this, there is a mandatory passage, it is of course learning the basic strategy.

If you too want to play as Dustin Hoffman in Rain man, you will have to apply the strategies developed by Edward O. Thorp and Ken Uston and drastically reduce the house advantage. Without feeling comfortable with it, don't think for a second about challenging the dealer by counting the cards for example, it would be useless.

The strategy of card counting

This is the strategy that we would all like to master but which is reserved only for those who give themselves the means to master the card counting in blackjack and believe us, even if some guides present it to you as an affordable strategy, you should know that it requires a long and very complicated learning, not in theory but in practice.

For this reason, when we ask you to practice at home, you will not have to circumvent our guidelines, it is essential to beat real money online blackjack.

The True Count strategy

If you want to become even more precise in terms of your knowledge of the remaining cards in the shoe, then you have another strategy called True Count.

Here, again, the mastery must be perfect so that it allows you to advance in the reading of blackjack games. We really advise you to go through it via our article and to deepen it if you are interested in it.

Check out the 21 most popular blackjack games

The blackjack 21 offered online is not limited only to the proposal of a single monopoly game. The brands and game publishers strive to offer various content to satisfy all online casino players.

These contents usually result in the proposal of blackjack games services offered online. These blackjack games enjoy a certain popularity thanks to their performance on the web.

Discover them now, as well as the best publishers on the market !

The 5 most popular blackjack games

  • Royal blackjack : download this game in Android format ranking among the best blackjack games offered online. A good way to improve yourself within a game offered on mobile.
  • Blackjack 21 - card game : get started now within this game and have fun!
  • Blackjack 21 : the 21st is your only objective, beat the virtual dealer and gain the advantage over the house in a complex and strategic game.
  • Blackjack Pro : choose your bets and bet with the sole aim of succeeding in your best game.
  • Blackjack Coach : this game is available more in mobile versions, discover the Blackjack Coach!

The best publishers create the best blackjack games

Generally, the best game publishers are present within the best online casino platforms . These publishers offer an added value to the blackjack games offered online.

These added value elements can be translated into a clean design, a disconcerting ease of use or even much more adaptable mobile versions.

Discover, the best game editors offered online , here :

  • Betsoft : its foundation dates back only to 2006, however, this major player in the market has been able to develop by offering games published in 3D mobile version. A significant added value for casino players.
  • Evolution Gaming : Latvia turns out to be the host country of this online casino provider. This editor guarantees live casino games offering unprecedented adaptability within all your mobile and computer versions.
  • Netent : "Frankestein" or "Scarface" are slot machines created by Netent. If you like themed casino games, this is the one for you.
  • Playtech : the anglosaxon founded in 1999 is one of the references of the online casino. His games developed by the world's best developers ensure him unprecedented recognition.
  • Real Time Gaming : the iGaming industry has many pioneers of online gaming. Among them, Real Time Gaming having founded its organization in 1988.

Variants of paid online blackjack

On the sites of online casino games , you will be able to enjoy different forms of blackjack online. We are sure that you will find the variants online blackjack that match you.

Between the classic blackjack, the blackjack single deck , the paid online blackjack, spanish blackjack or even the Power blackjack invented by Geoff Hall, you will be able to enjoy the best blackjack casinos without feeling tired.

To you the long hours of incredible blackjack during the long winter evenings. One thing is for sure, when you have started the adventure, you will not be able to do without it.

The little extra that will make all the difference is going to be your knowledge in terms of strategy. Mastering the points system relating to each card will really make all the difference.

If you have the soul of a warrior, we also bring you all the keys to counting cards in order to become the champion of online blackjack games, whether in France or in Canada!

The single deck blackjack

One of the online blackjack games allowing to reduce the advantage of the house as much as possible. Indeed, during this online game , the dealer has less chance of winning the game due to the presence of a single deck of cards.

This presence allows you in particular to count the cards present within the game. The low number of cards makes it much easier, even for the least successful players among you.

Red and black blackjack

An addition of rule is sometimes necessary within the online casino games . In the case of red and black blackjack, players will have the opportunity to bet on the color of the dealer's first card.

For connoisseurs and experts of casino games, you will surely have noticed the similarity associated with the online roulette games .

Indeed, the betting system is similar to that of roulette also offering the possibility of betting on red and black colors.

The Royal Blackjack Match

In this variant, you will not bet on the color of the dealer's first card, but, this time, on the color of your first card. A way to spice up your games more by bringing different betting possibilities.

Also, if the bet card turns out to be a lady and a king of the same color , you will have the opportunity to get 10 times your previous starting bet. A real chance for the most greedy for winnings.

The Spanish 21

As the name suggests, this version is born in Spain and is based on a similar game principle. However, the discrepancies of this game version are characterized by the removal of the "10".

A withdrawal that confers a wide direct advantage to the casino . These withdrawals have therefore been compensated by the possibility of obtaining more winnings using this variant. This is characterized as a way to counter the online casino.

Atlantic City Blackjack

8 clogs of 52 cards will be offered within the variant " Atlantic city ». A way for the casino to skew your card counting if you had prepared for.

You will have the opportunity to play this variant within the best online casino interfaces .

Blackjack 6:5

If you are a player who is particularly attracted by the desire to win online winnings, the blackjack 6 :5 is made for you. This game variant allows you to win additional winnings due to the unique presence of a clog of 52 cards .

A single presence, particularly diminishing the advantage of the house. This variant is probably one of the best of all those proposed above.

Our conclusion about online blackjack

If you are tired of land-based casinos, the gaze of others makes you run away from traditional blackjack tables and you are a homebody player, the online blackjack is made for you!

Indeed, the purpose of this variant proposed online is to offer players accustomed to online casinos, a way to offer themselves a relatively accessible entertainment regardless of your location or your owned mobile. The various bonuses offered as part of this game only reinforce this appeal.

Players who have long been underestimated by land-based casinos, are now offered many game bonuses offered by online casinos.

A boon for web enthusiasts abandoned by physical versions. Our final word will be translated into these few quick words adorned with a legitimate question: what are you waiting for play blackjack online ?

The blackjack FAQ

✅ How to play blackjack online?

To win a game of blackjack, you must get a hand higher than those of the dealer and the other players, without ever exceeding a total of 21 points.

✅ What are the best sites to play blackjack online?

The best sites to play blackjack online are the authorized casinos in Canada. These legal and reliable platforms can be found in our detailed reviews (Top Casinos area).

✅ How to play blackjack online for free?

You can play blackjack for free by accessing the demo mode of the games offered by your online casino. You can also take advantage of a bonus to try your luck with the same earning prospects.

✅ How does insurance work in blackjack?

When the dealer draws an ACE from his first card, you can take insurance by paying half of your initial bet. You are thus refunded if the dealer ever makes a blackjack but you lose your entire bet in the opposite case.

✅ What does "double down" mean in blackjack?

You may decide to double your initial bet after receiving your first two cards, especially if you think you have a high chance of winning. On the other hand, you will only be allowed to draw one additional card.

✅ Can I play blackjack online on my smartphone or tablet?

You can play blackjack directly from your mobile on games that use a flash or HTML5 version. Fortunately, most licensed casinos in Canada already use this technology.

Positive reviews from Canadian players: 100% out of 188 votes.