How to win at roulette: we present you two strategies

As soon as we know the basic rules of casino games, it is natural to want to know more about the mechanisms and discover techniques to speed up or promote winnings. In this regard, let's see together what you need to know about the strategies of the online roulette , also called martingales.

Roulette Strategies

Any strategies on a game of pure chance? What a far-fetched idea!

Yes, roulette is a completely random casino game and that's what makes it so successful: little knowledge, few techniques, just the potential winnings to be evaluated to control your budget. Nothing complicated to play roulette. But why do some players become roulette professionals? Those are only lucky ones and their career will end as abruptly as it began? Some, maybe. But others have a special ability: mathematics. Yes, yes, you read that right. Statistics, probabilities and bet control, that's the secret of winning at roulette, in addition to choosing the best of the variants. Of course, a large part of chance still lies in the fact of indulging in roulette. If it were so easy to win at roulette, you would think that it would not really make the casinos happy. But you can still learn how to optimize your gains or limit your losses thanks to this presentation of the most common strategies!

The martingale d'Alembert

This technique was invented by the famous d'Alembert, the man who also directed the Encyclopedia with Diderot in France during the Enlightenment. His method is to increase your bets when you lose and lower them if you win. This strategy allows you to balance your bets throughout the game. This is not the technique that will make you a millionaire, nor adapted to your game if you are a high-roller, but at least it will allow you to stay in the game without squandering your budget in a short time. It is also advised in the long term to become "profitable". For rather reasonable players, then.

Concretely, how is it going? You bet €1 for the first game. If you lose, you increase your bet to €2. If you lose again, you will bet €3. However, if you win after betting €2, the next round, you will only put €1 on the mat. And so on. The principle is simple and safe.

The Dutch martingale

This strategy is to be implemented when you have been losing for a while already. You will also need something to write down to write down your successive bets since the beginning of the game. The idea will then be to bet the lowest of the sums you have bet, adding 1. Then, in the next round, the penultimate lowest bet +1, and so on, in ascending order. So every time you win, you take away a lost bet +1. In the long run, if you have as many wins as failures, you will find a balance in your winnings. The limit of this method is that the more you lose, the bigger you bet. This is not the most economical strategy, be careful with this one if you are a sanguine!

Do you want to play roulette and apply these martingales principles?

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